Antique fireplaces, real vestiges of our history

Come and discover our wide range of antique fireplaces from Alain Bidal in Provence.

Il y a 5 ans

Since its discovery several millions years ago, men's fascination for fire has constantly evolved, and its domestication over the centuries has been the first step towards the construction of fireplaces.

Proof of men's sedentarization, with firepalces it was made possible to meet the primary needs of men : warming, cooking and lighting. Throughout its history, man has not ceased to embellish and improve these fireplaces to make them real objects of Art and privileged witnesses of past centuries and our heritage.

In France, the first fireplaces appeared in the 11th century (they were then installed in the center of the house) but their use spread out during the 14th century, first in castles and abbeys, then in the cities and in the countryside.

Alain Bidal and his antique materials company "Les Mémoires d'Adrien" offer you a wide range of magnificent ancient fireplaces presented in our Provençal showrooms. A large range of authentic antique fireplaces in stone (Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, French Regency, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Directory, Restoration and Napoleon III).

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