Export documents and legislation regarding the shipping of French antiques

Antique Materials Alain Bidal ǀ Export Documents and Legislation for French cultural vintage elements and antiques of more than 100 years old.

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As part of the protection of the French national cultural heritage, certain works of art (cultural property of historical, artistic or archaeological interest) are subject to export regulations, whether temporary or permanent, which applies to both professionals and individuals.

In France, cultural goods of more than 100 years old (such as the antique mantels and antique fireplaces surrounds) require a Certificate of Exportation issued by the Ministry of Culture before they can leave the France. The deadline for obtaining this document requires generally between 8 to 12 weeks.

→ In order to facilitate and speed up customs procedures, we apply for all the Export Certificates in advance for all the merchandise that requires it.


In case of an export to a country outside the European Union, in addition to the Certificate of Exportation, a License of Exportation is also required. The deadline for obtaining this License is shorter (approximately 1 week).

→ We take care of applying on your behalf for all these export documents for all our customers.

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