Some of our latest creations in ancient materials : fountains with a unique charm !

Superb garden fountain signed AE Bidal made of antique stones..

Il y a 5 ans

Garden fountains in ancient materials full of charm !

Each of these fountains is a unique artisanal creation, conceived with the greatest care within our workshop located in Provence, and made with authentic antique materials.


The fountain above is installed in a small village in the French Alps : water comes directly from the wall by a large cast iron water outlet sheltered by a beautiful moulded cornice to pour down into a large antique monolith trough. It then overflows in a second tank composed of beautiful and thick ancient stones.

The model below presents a rustic column holding a water outlet in antique wrought-iron, an ancient monolithic trough equipped with an old tile from Provence that allows the water to pour into the second basin made of 4 large old stones. This beautiful ancient fountain has been put in water not far from Avignon.

As for this beautiful well-fountain, composed of authentic antique stones, retrieved Provençal tiles and old wooden beams, it is now installed in a garden located in the Drôme Provençale !

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