Antique rectangular troughs in stone

Our entire selection of antique stone troughs of a rectangular or square shape. Now these ancient items can be transformed into fountains or into original flower pots or planters !


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The troughs are containers used to feed the livestock. Hollow, longer than wide, these feeders were used to distribute either water or food to farm animals (pigs, sheep, cattle, horses ...).

Larger stone bassins, meanwhile, were usually used to keep the food safe from moisture and light. You can still see on some of them, the nails that were used to hold the wooden cover.

The smaller models were often used either as cattle trough, or in various trades such as salting, tubs filled with water used by the smiths for example.

All these elements are monoliths. They were carved, by human hands, from massive blocks of stone. They remind us of our rural past and needs. They also reflect the skills of our peers stone-masons, often anonymous, who have perpetuated our popular art over the centuries.

Now these old elements can be used for landscaping your outdoors : flowerpots, planters, small fountains ... They can also be turned into sinks or water-bassins.

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