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"Les Mémoires d'Adrien" are very attached to all the ancient elements that have something to do with Religion, and thus are highly interested in saving from destruction some funeral shrines (places devoted to prayer). The stonemasons of the past centuries had given their time and know-how to honor the memory of the dead and their peers, and it would be a shame to this all this disappear.


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An oratory is a place dedicated to prayer. This may refer to either a private chapel usually located in a house, a palace, a castle or even in a hotel, or a public chapel built on the side of a road to preserve a religious memory or pray its dead that were often buried near the crossroads.

The oratory has a rural character since it allowed the peasants to come and pray their saint without going to church, but it is also a place of worship. thanks and offering.

The origin and function of the oratory can be very diverse (to mark the memory of miraculous places or apparitions, erected as a souvenir, to recall deserted places, or to be a stage on a pilgrimage or procession), but it has a deep connection with popular beliefs and marks the desire for relationship with God.

The building can be shaped into a monolithic stone or z local stone, depending on the regions of France.

There would still be more than 12 000 oratories in France, but it is in Provence that we list the most, some dating back to the fourteenth century.


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More Religious Elements
More Religious Elements