Praebeor Aquam : I offer the water

Fountains, water and Provence have always been closely linked : Alain Bidal knows it and shows it to you !

Il y a 5 ans

The love story between Provence and the Sun dates back the age of time, just like the one between Provence and the fountains, inexhaustible sources of life, which have long co-existed in our region thus giving it an indescribable charm.

Above is a rustic country-style wall-fountain (FA137) made up of a monolithic semi-circular basin and a charming pediment in ancient patined stones.

Often installed in the village' s central square, the fountains have long been a place to meet and exchange news for the inhabitants of each village. This is often where rumors started and from where the latest news circulated. For it must not be forgotten, water represents life ! The stone-cutters (present in every village at the time) have contributed dramatically to the development of society by the construction of these fountains.

Whether they are modern or rustic, large or small, the fountains have always transmitted the soul of water and marked the settlement of men. Much more than simple objects of decoration, the fountains are the guarantors of our History and our Heritage.

Ideal for small spaces and easy to instal, this garden wall fountain (FA816) has been made in our workshops from antique materials. A unique way to enjoy a pleasant and fresh corner in your garden.

Crafted in reclaimed materials and shaped in an ancestral way, the stone fountains of the Atelier Bidal in Provence are handcrafted by our artisans stone cutters to give them an authentic style and an incredible longevity. A fountain of youth for those objects that have allowed man to develop for hundreds of years.

Nowadays, many fountains are classified as "historical monuments" in our beautiful Provence. They are displayed as witnesses of Man's History.

With the arrival of summer, do not hesitate to come and visit our landscaped park to discover our range of fountains in ancient materials, but also our newly carved fountains, crafted in Avy stone and made to measure to better meet your expectations.

A real journey through time... These exceptional "objects" will sublimate your park or your garden.

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