Tips to decorate your garden for the Summer season

The Antique Materials Bidal in Provence offer you a wide choice of decorative elements for your garden.

5 years ago

What could be more enjoyable than taking the time this summer to decorate your garden ?

As summer is now officaly upon us, the time has come for outdoor living and gardening. L'Atelier Bidal offers several decorative tricks to give your green space an authentic and rustic side.


To decorate your garden, why not choose to combine terracotta vases with natural stone ? Indeed, these are two noble and ancestral materials that fit perfectly well together and with the color of flowers or plants !

We could also advise you on choosing flower pots and ancient stone troughs. Sturdy objects full of History that can fit in any type of garden decoration while bringing a touch of authenticity and rusticity to your home. In addition, they are materials that require no maintenance and are easy to instal.

Why not also try a little touch of originality with unique objects made of authenctic reclaimed materials ? As for example with this large frame in cast iron, perfect to be transformed into a plant-wall...

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