Terracotta jars and old potteries : antiquities for your decoration

Here is a magnificent ancient terra cotta jar offered by The Atelier Bidal in Provence.

5 years ago

The earliest traces of pottery date back to Prehistory : first in China, where the earliest potteries found date from -20,000 BC, but also in Japan (XIth millennium BC), Asia Minor (VIIIth millennium BC), in the Middle East (Xth millennium BC) and in the Saharan Africa (VIIIth millennium BC).

The term pottery generally refers to a container or a vase meant for culinary or domestic use, mainly made of porous terracotta.

Pottery marks the sedentarization of man and responds to the growing need to find containers for the preservation of crops or the cooking of food.

There are several kinds of pottery (vases, jars, amphoras, biots ...) and shaping techniques (modeling, stamping, molding, turning ...). But it always starts in the same way : the raw materials (clay, silica, marl ...) are mechanically or manually mixed together. The paste obtained is then kept at rest (rotting) for several weeks or several months before being used.

These vases, jars and old pottery are today very prized as decoration thus adding a touch of rusticity and authenticity.

Alain Bidal offers in its landscaped park located in Isle sur la Sorgue, city of art and antiquities, many and authentic ancient terra cotta jars. Beautiful objects that will give style and cachet to your home.

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