Safeguarding our heritage by Alain Bidal

Les Mémoires d'Adrien, antique materials in Provence, offer many quality objects borrowed from our heritage.

Il y a 4 ans

For decades, Alain Bidal has been working to safeguard our rich French heritage through his activity of antique material "Les Mémoires d'Adrien".

While traveling throughout France, he selects antique objects of quality that are true witnesses of our History and our Heritage.
Popular objects from the 18th or 19th century used by our ancestors such as the ancient "Piles Provençales" (typical Provence stone sinks), symbols of our beautiful region, ancient pig troughs, stone food-pantries, stone fireplaces, architectural elements...


Alain Bidal also works on the preservation and recovery of funerary monuments. Nowadays, more and more cemeteries are full, so they call on genealogical companies to find the descendants of buried people. After a few years, if the grave is abandoned, the evacuation is then allowed and can be organized : the bones are carefully placed in an ossuary with a name (if found by the specialists) and the materials are doomed to destruction. The metal goes to scrap and the mineral passes through the crushing machine.

Alain Bidal goes directly on site to try saving some of these beautiful objects, which are a testimony to the heritage of our forefathers and their know-how. This safeguarding of the funeral heritage is now exhibited on our landscaped park, a way to try keeping intact the memory of our elders.

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