Firedogs and andirons : indispensable accessories for your fireplaces !

Wide choice of antique fireplace accessories on sale at Alain Bidal in Provence.

5 years ago

The andirons are fireplace accessories used very early by men (early equivalents were found in the ruins of Pompeii and among the Celtic populations) to support logs in the fireplace so that they do not suffocate the fire.


Most often by pairs, they have been used since the Antiquity to stabilize and control the fire. In France, these accessories have gradually evolved to become more decorative and / or used for cooking. The firedogs were popularized in the Middle Ages and it was only under Louis XIII that the andirons also became decorative elements with the substitution of copper for silver !


In the 19th century, the andirons changed to become "firedogs with drawer" making it then possible to keep the logs as well as to cook (chestnuts, potatoes ...) by isolating the ashes.

You will understand that the firedogs and the landings have for centuries participated to the evolution of the domestication of fire by man and appear as a true cultural heritage of our country. Alain Bidal offers a large choice exposed in his landscaped park in Provence and in his showroom dedicated to the antique fireplaces and the fireplaces of creation.


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