Antique cast iron fire back: The Dawn

Cast iron fireback with allegorical scene. It represents a scene of antique style with the goddess Eos sitting under a radiant sun, and with at her sides a Doric column on which is perched a cock.

Eos is the Greek goddess of dawn, sister of Sol (Sun) and Luna (Moon). Every morning Eos opened the doors of the day. After having harnessed her horses, she climbed on her sun chariot pulled by winged horses, then she accompanied the sun until evening.

In Roman mythology, Aurore (or Aurora) is the goddess of the Dawn, the equivalent of the Greek Eos.

Origin: France

This 19th century plaque is in good condition.

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Height : 65 cm
Width : 65 cm

800 €Réf. ACA96

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Fake pixelUne plaque de cheminée en fonte 19ème représentant le lever du jour - nos accessoires cheminée en fonte ancienne.
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