18th Century French cast iron plate for fireplace : Coat of Arms of Lorraine

This antique cast iron plate is of small size and of ouis XIV style. It was forged in the 18th century in France.

It represents the Arms of Lorraine as worn by the Dukes of Lorraine since Duke Antoine circa 1540 and more particularly, Leopold I (1679-1729), Duke of Lorraine and Bar.
The coat of arms of Leopold I are constituted by the arms of the 4 kingdoms he ruled (King of Jerusalem, Naples, Hungary and Aragon) and the 4 duchies over which the Dukes of Lorraine had rights (Duc d'Anjou and Bar, Gelderland and Juliers). On top of which seats the Arms of Lorraine.

These arms of Lorraine are surmounted by a crown relative to its status and surrounded by the chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece symbolized by the fleece of a ram with head and legs taken in a ring, itself suspended to a gold chain.
These arms are enclosed by a pair of standing eagles and surrounded by the Cross of Lorraine.

Origin: France
Period: 18th century
Condition: very good condition

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Height : 53 cm
Width : 55 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Thickness : 2 cm

900 €Réf. ACA292

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