Rustic wall fountain with two massive antique stone troughs

This bush-hammered wall-fountain is made of antique stones. The originality behind this rustic unique fountain is that it has a dual-purpose. In fact, it can be used firstly as a simple fountain with its large and very deep antique monolithic basin and its pediment with a wrought iron water piece. Secondly, you can use it as a sink with its monolithic small basin topped by two bucket-rest bars. This basin is topped by pillars with an antique faucet.

Its double stonework pediment is topped by a sculpted cornice.

A very “Provençal” fountain or sink that will add an authentic feel to your garden. 

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Height : 186 cm
Width : 152 cm
Depth : 100 cm
- Basin's height : 80cm

4000 €Réf. FA306

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Fake pixelWall fountain with a rustic look | Garden fountain with two massive troughs and a stone pediment.
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