Antique cast iron fireback for fireplace: Cupid and Venus

This beautiful and large antique cast iron fireback dates back to the 19-Century and comes from France. It has the main characteristics of the Baroque style with its depiction of the Roman mythological scene: Venus and her son Cupid.

Cupid is the mischievous son of the goddess Venus (goddess of love, beauty and seduction) and her lover, the Roman god, Mars (the god of war). He is the symbol of love and his main attributes are the quiver and the flower. Cupid is the dedicated servant of his mother, Venus.

In perfect condition.

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Height : 89 cm
Width : 89 cm

1200 €Réf. ACA210

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Fake pixelBeautiful cast iron fireplace plate decorated with effigies of Venus and Cupid - 19th century fireplace accessories.
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