Beautiful ancient oratory combining patinated stones and riveted wrought iron

The term "oratory", derived from the Latin "orare" which translates as "pray", means a place devoted to prayer. Elements of the local cultural heritage, the oratories are part of the identity of this territory. They stand on the edge of roads and are important landmarks for the inhabitants. True memory of our villages, they also testify to the faith of our ancestors and the know-how of the stone cutters of the time who carved them.

This ancient oratory, a beautiful model of craftsmanship, is a fine example of this know-how and heritage. It elegantly combines ancient patinated stones and riveted wrought iron.

It consists of a thick pedestal with chamfer, a square-shaped shaft in stone, a monolithic headband on which rests the niche (main part of the oratory) open on three sides, and a superb roof mixing finely molded stone and wrought iron decorations.

Particularly noteworthy are the beautiful ironworks on the upper part of this religious edifice: 4 cast iron columns ending with forged flames, 3 superb openwork wrought iron grills decorated with volutes, a Medici cast iron vase with handles, and 4 magnificent wrought iron ornaments positioned on the roof.

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Height : 250 cm
Width : 97 cm
Depth : 97 cm

3500 €Réf. MA1464

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