Exceptional large double-basins wash house in aged and patinated stone

This large stone basin is an exceptional piece !

Crafted in Euville stone (*), this old wash house is composed of 2 distinct basins separated by a central narrow pediment in stone. The latter, very nicely carved and molded, is topped by a pretty cornice. It is embellished by hand sculpted corbels on each side and adorned with 2 antique metallic water outlets allowing a large flow of water.
The first basin, of large size, presents a basement made of large paired stones surmounted by broad and thick slippy curbstones giving the Provence wash-house look. As for the second basin, smaller but higher, it is composed of only three large slabs of stone on which rest massive wash-house curbstones.

A unique wash house full of authenticity and nostalgia ! Its beautiful aged and patinated natural stones give it a presence and a unique elegance.


(*) The stone of Euville is a hard natural limestone with fine grain and ocher shades extracted in the Meuse region (East of France). The stone of Euville is frost-resistant.

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Height : 170 cm
Width : 950 cm
Depth : 420 cm
- BASIN N° 1 : ext : L 780cm x D 420cm x H 72cm / int : L 740cm x D 340cm - BASIN N° 2 : ext : L 180cm x D 125cm x H 80cm / int : L 110cm x D 90cm

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