Garden pond with large central ball in patinated natural stone

This patinated natural stone basin can be used as a garden fountain by adding a simple water pump or transformed, for example, into a garden pond by adding some aquatic plants and small species of aquatic animals (frogs, turtles, goldfishes...).

Anyway, this stone basin will be an inexhaustible source of relaxation ! Indeed, this water fountain will be a source of freshness, calm and serenity in your garden or green space. A garden pond that will offer all year round a relaxing show that will evolve with the seasons.

Square-shaped, this decorative fountain is composed of solid straight stones on which rest large and thick molded margins. These copings are perfect to sit on or for placing some decorative objects (plants, vases, sculptures ...). In the center of this square basin is a large stone ball (50 centimeters in diameter) supported by a square molded base. This ball and the base are both  drilled to let water run up and gush out from the top of the ball.

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Height : 105 cm
Width : 210 cm
Depth : 210 cm
- BASIN: 200 cm² at its base x H 52 cm - BASE: 60 cm² x H 105 cm - BALL: Diameter 50 cm

4500 €Réf. FA858

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